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Platanos presents an image of mountainous settlement, with a small town square at its highest point with traditional, narrow paths. Nevertheless, most characteristic of Platanos are the neo-classic buildings where most social services are housed. The Town Hall is sheltered in a beautiful neo-classic building at the square, which is a preserved, historic building that was built by Lerian Nikolaos Tsigadas Pasha, in 1900 as an Administration Building, where all the Municipal services would be housed.

The building is strategically located to better serve the development of the Municipal operations.

The Municipal Library, Leros’s Historic Records and Archives, the Citizens’ Service Centre (KEP) and the Municipal Financial Services or the Revenue Building are also housed in neighbouring buildings. A short distance away, on a traditional road that leads to the Castle, is the Land Titles’ Building.

On the axis of the main road towards Agia Marina, is Leros’s branch of the Telecommunications’ Organization of Greece (OTE), the Post office, and Leros’s Social Insurances Institution.

Local shops and businesses in the Platanos area, manage to meet by a great percentage, both annual and seasonal demands and requirements on merchandise and food products for the area as well for the rest of the island.

Platanos, Agia Marina and Lakki have the biggest markets on the island. In fact, they constitute a beautiful, hospitable city that has a lot to offer from the modern stores for all kind of shopping to the magical view from the marvellous Castle. The latter is built on the peak of Apitiki Hill and dominates Agia Marina as it embraces the entire area while offering a panoramic view to the the magnificent blue of the Aegean Sea.

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