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Partheni - Agia Kioura - Blefoutis


Partheni lies at the northern edge of Leros, with a bay by the same name, and the small islet of Archangelos at its entrance. The small fishing village unfolds like an artist’s fresco, between the fertile valley and the sea. There is an airport at Partheni. It is a historical place, known since antiquity. It is said that this is where the sanctuary of Parthenos Iokalis (i.e. Artemis) stood and from where the modern name of Partheni has been derived. The archaeological site at Partheni contains the ruins of a pre-historic settlement dating back to 3800 BC. Recently, the ruins of a Hellenistic temple have also been discovered.

The Temple of Artemis

Visitors with an interest in the history of Greece must visit the archaeological site of Partheni located next to the airport. During excavations in 1980, a unit of churches built on top of the Roman temples was discovered. The precise location of the ancient temple of Parthenos Iokalis has yet to be identified. The popular historian Iakovos Rizos Ragavis wrote in 1855, “There is a large deserted church which has many plaques and stands on the foundations of an ancient temple, undoubtedly that of Artemis …”Although early Christians used to build their churches over the ancient Greek temples and re-cycled the materials found at the site, it has not been possible to locate in the vicinity of the early Christian church the precise positions and the remains of the ancient buried temple.

The church of Agios Georgios dated to the 10th century AD, is located in the greater vicinity also used ancient recycled materials likely excavated from the ruins of the Temple of Artemis.

During the 1967-1974 military dictatorship, there was a prison camp in the region that was housed in the warehouses of the old Italian barracks, which still survives today. The first political prisoners were brought here in July, 1967 and by 1971 almost 4000 people had been “accommodated” here, farmers, laborers, employees and intellectuals...


Partheni got its name from the Sanctuary of Artemis where the ancient Goddess of Hunting was worshiped. Within the surrounding area, three very important local facilities like the airport, the shipyard and the military barracks where political prisoners were held during the 1967 – 1974 dictatorship, have been established and operate.









Agia Kioura

The church of Agia Kioura or Matronas of the 18th century is located on the coast to the north. It is worth visiting because of its beautiful icons that were created by political prisoners during the dictatorship. Today, these icons are protected and have significant historical interest and value. Ayia Kioura is protected and preserved by the Ministry of Civilization as a work of art.

The natural beauty of the gulf, the exceptional natural environment and the place’s history are fundamental factors for the area’s development. The gulf’s most attractive beaches, Belfoutis and Agia Kioura, combined with its unique residential development have established Partheni as a popular destination for visitors to the island of Leros. The easy transportation of travellers via the airport is another factor contributing the identity of this region.


A small distance away from Partheni on the eastern side, a small, lush-green village with brilliant beaches and crystal-clear sea water with plenty of taverns has been developed. It is an ideal location for rest and a relaxing vacation.





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