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On the east side of Leros, just under Platanos lies Panteli. This small fishing-village, with its genuine island character, stretches out and unifies with Platanos. The old, traditional homes, the boats and fishing boats, compliment the perfect image and are enhanced by the infinite blue and turquoise green colours of the sea in the backround.

Today, Panteli has been transformed into a cosmopolitan yet tranquil centre with yachts and cruisers mooring by the jetty next to the fishing boats, the taverns, pubs and the local cafés, which attract both locals and travellers alike.

As visitors to Leros claim, “If one does not experience Panteli, he/she has not seen anything of the island.”

At both ends of the community and along the beautiful coast many homes, country mansions, summer homes as well as travellers’ accommodations have been developed. All of the buildings compliment the natural beauty of the island and contribute to its uniqueness.
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