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The visitor can swim in the calm sea and relax at any one of the region’s peaceful and charming beaches. In the southern part of the island, 7 km from Agia Marina, you will come across a coastal village, in front of which lies the Bay of Xerokambos with the small islets known as the Glaronisia secure its entrance. Across from this bay at a distance of one nautical mile, the island of Kalymnos appears.

The houses of Xerokambos are scattered throughout a small valley where olive trees, cypress and almond trees as well as many, many flowers can be seen. In the background, the landscape rises and at the top of the hill, at an altitude of 70 meters, sits Palaiokastro, or the castle of Lepidon, which is older than the castle of Panteli.


It is built within the ruins of the ancient acropolis, which dates back to 2,500 BC and flourished during the 4th century BC. Today, the old ruins of its walls and the remains of a large, early Christian basilica can be seen. Also, among the ruins is the small, picturesque church of the Virgin Mary.

Near the settlement of Xerokambos is the charming, little church of the Panagia Kavouradena, considered to be among the most beautiful churches on the island. It is built into the rocks along the coast at the exact location where according to legend a fisherman looking for crabs, found the icon of the Virgin Mary wedged in the crack of some rocks.

At Xerokambos, you can find tourist accommodations and restaurants, as well as nightclubs. You can enjoy a swim in the crystal clear waters at the beach of Xerokambos.

Free dives, both with and without oxygen, are offered as a suggestion to the bolder, risk-takers amongst you. A diver-training school operates in the area.


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