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Kamara - Kokkali


Quite near Alinta, the little, Mediterranean - styled village of Kamara is located. Kamara began with linear progress along the axis of the main road with scattered homes and small industries and places of work. Even though Kamara today appears to be a as we see it appears to be a sparsely developed community, all fundamental facilities and services are readily available to all inhabitants. In the last three decades, there has been a remarkable increase in the population of this community that is only 3.5 kilometres away from Leros’ capital of Agia Marina.


Along the axis of the main road, a wide range of small business and professional establishments operate In particular, there is a bakery, a marble cutters’ workshop, building material manufacturers, an area rug workshop and a cattle feed packing company. Within the last year, many shops have been established in this area.



In the area of Kokkali, there is the small, picturesque church of Agios Isidoros that is built on an islet in the sea which is connected to the main land by a narrow road. This church is next to the old sunken harbour.


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