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Alinta is located in the centre of the Bay of Agia Marina Bay (called Alinta Bay) and constitutes the most developed tourist area in Leros with extremely modern tourist accommodations. The area is densely planted with pine and olive trees and a heavenly sandy beach compliments the beauty of the crystal-clear sea.

The Beleni Tower is an elegant, old mansion restored with special care. It hosts the Folkloric and History Museum with a library, the Press Museum and an Art Gallery in the courtyard where many cultural events take place.

From a historic point of view, the Municipal Guest House is a very important building as it is considered to be Leros’ first hotel. This is where the sanctuary of the Palaeo-Christian Church of the Virgin Mary of Galatiani bearing rare mosaic art technique was found. In the surrounding area, there are a lot of churches, while the biggest of them is the Basilica of Agioi Saranta. Quite near Alinta is Krifos, a small idyllic sandy beach that is hidden between the rocks and is accessible only by boat. Fresh, ice cold water pours out from a natural spring at the bottom of the sea. Just above Krifos, Klidi (a key) emerges as the highest point of Leros.

The majestic blue waters of Alinta Bay are most inviting and appropriate for a variety of sea activities and extreme water sports which are available for you to enjoy.


At the beginning of the previous century, Alinta was ideally selected by Lerians originating from Egypt for Leros’ exceptional natural beauty and its healthy climate, environment and living conditions. They built beautiful, exotic, country homes and villas with neo-classic, architectural details which are up-kept, maintained and preserved to this very day. In recent years, the settlement is preferred not only by the local inhabitants of the island but by foreigners alike as a prime location for all the above mentioned reasons, but also for the development of summer homes and holiday accommodations in general. Further, this area hosts one of the best swimming beaches on the island.

Alinta is typical in appearance of Greece’s beautiful coastal settlements developed with our foreign visitors in mind. All services such as restaurants, entertainment and recreational activities and commercial businesses can be found along the entire coastal boulevard.

The greater part of Alinta Bay constitutes this wonderful coastal community.

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