Dear visitors,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the official tourist guide of Leros. Our fundamental aim is to provide you, through a brief presentation, with a picture and a lot of useful information about our island. We, all the involved institutions, believe that will soon constitute our most cordial invitation for you to enjoy the traditional hospitality, admire the exceptional environment and discover the rich culture of our home.

As you may know, Tourism, characteristically a dynamic phenomenon of modern culture, has undoubtedly found in Leros one of its most particular expressions. The improvement of Leros's image is a priority that stems from the new tourist planning policy of the Municipality. On the other hand, this positive progress comes as a result of a configuration of constant, fair and functional frame of investment and enterprising activity.

Over the last few years, Leros has progressively revealed its own attractions and gained its first enthusiastic friends.

Today, Leros consists of one of the destinations in Greece, but also in Europe, for visitors who wish to take advantage of the time, travelling far way from crowded tourist destinations, while it sets vacations standards higher than ever before. Therefore, Leros has managed to be competitive with its recognizable, inimitable style, against other tourist destinations of an incredibly advanced climax, but not of the same natural beauty.

Common denominator of our Municipality's policy, since 2011, is the constant improvement and extension of necessary equipment and technical infrastructure, as well as the armouring of the island institutions, aimed at providing increasingly improved customer services, maximizing visitors and residents's safety and convenience, as well as the protection of our priceless natural, cultural resource based on the principles of perpetual Growth.

I am pleased that the undiminished interest of thousands of people from around the world, -and through the internet- not only praises and acknowledges the efforts of both the Municipal Authorities and myself as well, but also encourages us to keep going.

Therefore, I hope you enjoy the tour through and I sincerely thank you for your attention.

Kolias Michael,

Mayor of Leros